Mapping the aerosol over Eurasia from the Zotino tall tower

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Milton Park : Taylor & Francis

The present study covers more than 5 yr corresponding to more than 40 000 hours of particle and gas data measured at the Siberian tall tower Zotino Tall Tower (ZOTTO) (60.8°N; 89.35°E). Extrapolated along 10-d back trajectories, the ZOTTO measurements cover large parts of the Eurasian land mass. Mapping the extrapolated ZOTTO data points to major anthropogenic source regions and Siberian fire regions, consistent with emission data for CO and vegetation fires. Middle East mid-latitude sources stand out strongly and possibly emissions from Northern China may be seen at times from ZOTTO. The maps of measured light scattering and absorption characteristics support the interpretation of different source types. Three clusters of substantially different submicrometer particle size distributions were found, the maps of which also could be related to major aerosol source regions.

Aerosol, Size distribution, total number, light scattering, light absorption, Siberia, trajectories
Heintzenberg, J., Birmili, W., Seifert, P., Panov, A., Chi, X., & Andreae, M. O. (2013). Mapping the aerosol over Eurasia from the Zotino tall tower (Version publishedVersion, Vol. 65). Version publishedVersion, Vol. 65. Milton Park : Taylor & Francis.