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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Strong-field ionization of clusters using two-cycle pulses at 1.8 μmSchütte, Bernd; Ye, Peng; Patchkovskii, Serguei; Austin, Dane R.; Brahms, Christian; Strüber, Christian; Witting, Tobias; Ivanov, Misha Yu; Tisch, John W. G.; Marangos, Jon P.
2016GigaGauss solenoidal magnetic field inside bubbles excited in under-dense plasmaLécz, Z.; Konoplev, I.V.; Seryi, A.; Andreev, A.
2016Even harmonic generation in isotropic media of dissociating homonuclear moleculesSilva, R.E.F.; Rivière, P.; Morales, F.; Smirnova, O.; Ivanov, M.; Martín, F.
2016Magnetic domain wall gratings for magnetization reversal tuning and confined dynamic mode localizationTrützschler, Julia; Sentosun, Kadir; Mozooni, Babak; Mattheis, Roland; McCord, Jeffrey
2016Surface effects of vapour-liquid-solid driven Bi surface droplets formed during molecular-beam-epitaxy of GaAsBiSteele, J.A.; Lewis, R.A.; Horvat, J.; Nancarrow, M.J.B.; Henini, M.; Fan, D.; Mazur, Y.I.; Schmidbauer, M.; Ware, M.E.; Yu, S.-Q.; Salamo, G.J.
2016Non-synchronization of lattice and carrier temperatures in light-emitting diodesZhang, Jihong; Shih, Tienmo; Lu, Yijun; Merlitz, Holger; Chang, Richard Ru-Gin; Chen, Zhong
2016Surface, interphase and tensile properties of unsized, sized and heat treated basalt fibresFörster, T.; Sommer, G.S.; Mäder, E.; Scheffler, C.
2016Excitation and relaxation dynamics in ultrafast laser irradiated optical glassesMauclair, C.; Mermillod-Blondin, A.; Mishchik, K.; Bonse, J.; Rosenfeld, A.; Colombier, J.P.; Stoian, R.
2015Plasma rotation with circularly polarized laser pulseLécz, Z.; Andreev, A.; Seryi, A.
2016Linear chirped slope profile for spatial calibration in slope measuring deflectometrySiewert, F.; Zeschke, T.; Arnold, T.; Paetzelt, H; Yashchuk, V.V.
2015Simple, accurate, and efficient implementation of 1-electron atomic time-dependent Schrödinger equation in spherical coordinatesPatchkovskii, Serguei; Müller, Harm Geert
2016Melt-mixed thermoplastic composites containing carbon nanotubes for thermoelectric applicationsLuo, Jinji; Krause, Beate; Pötschke, Petra
2016The role of capital costs in decarbonizing the electricity sectorHirth, Lion; Steckel, Jan Christoph
2016Covalency and vibronic couplings make a nonmagnetic j=3/2 ion magneticXu, Lei; Bogdanov, Nikolay A.; Princep, Andrew; Fulde, Peter; van den Brink, Jeroen; Hozoi, Liviu
2016Valence-state reflectometry of complex oxide heterointerfacesHamann-Borrero, Jorge E.; Macke, Sebastian; Choi, Woo Seok; Sutarto, Ronny; He, Feizhou; Radi, Abdullah; Elfimov, Ilya; Green, Robert J.; Haverkort, Maurits W.; Zabolotnyy, Volodymyr B.; Lee, Ho Nyung; Sawatzky, George A.; Hinkov, Vladimir
2016Detection of HO2 in an atmospheric pressure plasma jet using optical feedback cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopyGianella, Michele; Reuter, Stephan; Aguila, Ana Lawry; Ritchie, Grant A. D.; Helden, Jean-Pierre H. van
2016Optical Properties of Silicon Nanowires Fabricated by Environment-Friendly ChemistryGonchar, Kirill A.; Zubairova, Alsu A.; Schleusener, Alexander; Osminkina, Liubov A.; Sivakov, Vladimir
2016-12Free-standing millimetre-long Bi2Te3 sub-micron belts catalyzed by TiO2 nanoparticlesSchönherr, Piet; Zhang, Fengyu; Kojda, Danny; Mitdank, Rüdiger; Albrecht, Martin; Fischer, Saskia F.; Hesjedal, Thorsten
2016Imaging Proton Transfer and Dihalide Formation Pathways in Reactions of F(-) + CH3ICarrascosa, Eduardo; Michaelsen, Tim; Stei, Martin; Bastian, Björn; Meyer, Jennifer; Mikosch, Jochen; Wester, Roland
2016CVD-Grown CNTs on Basalt Fiber Surfaces for Multifunctional Composite InterphasesFörster, Theresa; Hao, Bin; Mäder, Edith; Simon, Frank; Wölfel, Enrico; Ma, Peng-Cheng
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1297