RADAR Metadata Kernel with attribute values and controlled vocabularies


A central feature of the RADAR project is a Metadata Kernel, which manages and characterizes all archived and published research data. The kernel aims to enhance the traceability and usability of research data by maintaining a discipline-agnostic character and simultaneously allowing a description of discipline-specific data. For this purpose, a set of generic parameters were chosen, which allow an accurate and consistent identification of a resource for citation and retrieval purposes and also meet the requirements of more discipline-specific datasets. Furthermore, the Kernel provides recommended use instructions along with appropriate examples on how to correctly describe research data. The following metadata profile includes 9 mandatory fields which represent the general core of the scheme. These contain the main requirements for the DOI registration, in accordance with the DataCite Metadata Schema (v 3.1)1 and must be supplied when submitting metadata to RADAR. Additionally, 12 optional metadata parameters serve the purpose of describing discipline-specific data. These were implemented with a combination of controlledvocabularies and free-text entries, thereby covering heterogeneous data produced by a multitude of disciplines. The controlled-vocabulary entries were defined in accordance with established regulations in mind (for example, ISO standards for language and country of origin of the data). RADAR clients who wish to enhance the prospects of their metadata being found, cited and linked to original research are strongly encouraged to submit the optional as along with the mandatory set of properties.

Engel, T., Furtado, F., Hahn, M., Kraft, A., Martens, J., Neumann, J., et al. (2014). RADAR Metadata Kernel with attribute values and controlled vocabularies (Version publishedVersion). RADAR-Projektteam.