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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023In-situ fruit analysis by means of LiDAR 3D point cloud of normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI)Tsoulias, Nikos; Saha, Kowshik Kumar; Zude-Sasse, Manuela
2022Redox Memristors with Volatile Threshold Switching Behavior for Neuromorphic ComputingWang, Yu-Hao; Gong, Tian-Cheng; Ding, Ya-Xin; Li, Yang; Wang, Wei; Chen, Zi-Ang; Du, Nan; Covi, Erika; Farronato, Matteo; Ielmini, Daniele; Zhang, Xu-Meng; Luo, Qing
2023Inverse learning in Hilbert scalesRastogi, Abhishake; Mathé, Peter
2023FAIRagro: Ein Konsortium in der Nationalen Forschungsdateninfrastruktur (NFDI) für Forschungsdaten in der Agrosystemforschung : Herausforderungen und Lösungsansätze für den Aufbau einer FAIRen ForschungsdateninfrastrukturSpecka, Xenia; Martini, Daniel; Weiland, Claus; Arend, Daniel; Asseng, Senthold; Boehm, Franziska; Feike, Til; Fluck, Juliane; Gackstetter, David; Gonzales-Mellado, Aida; Hartmann, Thomas; Haunert, Jan-Henrik; Hoedt, Florian; Hoffmann, Carsten; König, Patrick; Lange, Matthias; Lesch, Stephan; Lindstädt, Birte; Lischeid, Gunnar; Möller, Markus; Rascher, Uwe; Reif, Jochen Christoph; Schmalzl, Markus; Senft, Matthias; Stahl, Ulrike; Svoboda, Nikolai; Usadel, Björn; Webber, Heidi; Ewert, Frank
2023Finding the semantic similarity in single-particle diffraction images using self-supervised contrastive projection learningZimmermann, Julian; Beguet, Fabien; Guthruf, Daniel; Langbehn, Bruno; Rupp, Daniela
2023Text-to-Ontology Mapping via Natural Language Processing with Application to Search for Relevant Ontologies in Catalysis †Korel, Lukáš; Yorsh, Uladzislau; Behr, Alexander S.; Kockmann, Norbert; Holeňa, Martin
2021Rapid and low-cost insect detection for analysing species trapped on yellow sticky trapsBöckmann, Elias; Pfaff, Alexander; Schirrmann, Michael; Pflanz, Michael
2021Publisher Correction: Rapid and low-cost insect detection for analysing species trapped on yellow sticky trapsBöckmann, Elias; Pfaff, Alexander; Schirrmann, Michael; Pflanz, Michael
2018DoMoRe – A recommender system for domain modelingAgt-Rickauer, Henning; Kutsche, Ralf-Detlef; Sack, Harald; Hammoudi, Slimane; Ferreira Pires, Luis; Selic, Bran
2022Numerical upscaling of parametric microstructures in a possibilistic uncertainty framework with tensor trainsEigel, Martin; Gruhlke, Robert; Moser, Dieter; Grasedyck, Lars
2022Creation of a Knowledge Space by Semantically Linking Data Repository and Knowledge Management System - a Use Case from Production EngineeringSheveleva, Tatyana; Wawer, Max Leo; Oladazimi, Pooya; Koepler, Oliver; Nürnberger, Florian; Lachmayer, Roland; Auer, Sören; Mozgova, Iryna
2022Research Information Infrastructure in Ukraine: First steps towards building a national CRISKaliuzhna, Nataliia; Auhunas, Sabina
2023Information extraction pipelines for knowledge graphsJaradeh, Mohamad Yaser; Singh, Kuldeep; Stocker, Markus; Both, Andreas; Auer, Sören
2020In-Vitro Classification of Saliva Samples of COPD Patients and Healthy Controls Using Machine Learning ToolsZarrin, Pouya Soltani; Roeckendorf, Niels; Wenger, Christian
2021Resilience in the Cyberworld: Definitions, Features and ModelsVogel, Elisabeth; Dyka, Zoya; Klann, Dan; Langendörfer, Peter
2022Comparative Verification of the Digital Library of Mathematical Functions and Computer Algebra SystemsGreiner-Petter, André; Cohl, Howard S.; Youssef, Abdou; Schubotz, Moritz; Trost, Avi; Dey, Rajen; Aizawa, Akiko; Gipp, Bela; Fisman, Dana; Rosu, Grigore
2022Data Protection Impact Assessments in Practice: Experiences from Case StudiesFriedewald, Michael; Schiering, Ina; Martin, Nicholas; Hallinan, Dara; Katsikas, Sokratis; Lambrinoudakis, Costas; Cuppens, Nora; Mylopoulos, John; Kalloniatis, Christos; Meng, Weizhi; Furnell, Steven; Pallas, Frank; Pohle, Jörg; Sasse, M. Angela; Abie, Habtamu; Ranise, Silvio; Verderame, Luca; Cambiaso, Enrico; Vidal, Jorge Maestre; Monge, Marco Antonio Sotelo
2022Towards Analyzing the Bias of News Recommender Systems Using Sentiment and Stance DetectionAlam, Mehwish; Iana, Andreea; Grote, Alexander; Ludwig, Katharina; Müller, Philipp; Paulheim, Heiko; Laforest, Frédérique; Troncy, Raphael; Médini, Lionel; Herman, Ivan
2022Toward a Comparison Framework for Interactive Ontology Enrichment MethodologiesVrolijk, Jarno; Reklos, Ioannis; Vafaie, Mahsa; Massari, Arcangelo; Mohammadi, Maryam; Rudolph, Sebastian; Fu, Bo; Lambrix, Patrick; Pesquita, Catia
2022On the Impact of Temporal Representations on Metaphor DetectionGiorgio Ottolina; Matteo Palmonari; Manuel Vimercati; Mehwish Alam; Calzolari, Nicoletta; Béchet, Frédéric; Blache, Philippe; Choukri, Khalid; Cieri, Christopher; Declerck, Thierry; Goggi, Sara; Isahara, Hitoshi; Maegaard, Bente; Mariani, Joseph; Mazo, Hélène; Odijk, Jan; Piperidis, Stelios
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 171