Efficient retrieval of 3D building models using embeddings of attributed subgraphs

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Institut für Informatik II, Universität Bonn

We present a novel method for retrieval and classification of 3D building models that is tailored to the specific requirements of architects. In contrast to common approaches our algorithm relies on the interior spatial arrangement of rooms instead of exterior geometric shape. We first represent the internal topological building structure by a Room Connectivity Graph (RCG). Each room is characterized by a node. Connections between rooms like e.g. doors are represented by edges. Nodes and edges are additionally assigned attributes reflecting room and edge properties like e.g area or window size. To enable fast and efficient retrieval and classification with RCGs, we transform the structured graph representation into a vector-based one. We first decompose the RCG into a set of subgraphs. For each subgraph, we compute the similarity to a set of codebook graphs. Aggregating all similarity values finally provides us with a single vector for each RCG which enables fast retrieval and classification. For evaluation, we introduce a classification scheme that was carefully developed following common guidelines in architecture.We finally provide comprehensive experiments showing that the introduced subgraph embeddings yield superior performance compared to state-of-the-art graph retrieval approaches.

Wessel, R., Ochmann, S., Vock, R., Blümel, I., & Klein, R. (2011). Efficient retrieval of 3D building models using embeddings of attributed subgraphs (Version publishedVersion, Vol. 2011,2). Institut für Informatik II, Universität Bonn.