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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016High performance stability of titania decorated carbon for desalination with capacitive deionization in oxygenated waterSrimuk, Pattarachai; Ries, Lucie; Zeiger, Marco; Fleischmann, Simon; Jäckel, Nicolas; Tolosa, Aura; Krüner, Benjamin; Aslan, Mesut; Presser, Volker
2016Determination of side products in the photocatalytic generation of hydrogen with copper photosensitizers by resonance Raman spectroelectrochemistryZhang, Ying; Heberle, Martin; Wächtler, Maria; Karnahl, Michael; Dietzek, Benjamin
2016Plant leaves as templates for soft lithographyWu, Wenming; Guijt, Rosanne M.; Silina, Yuliya E.; Koch, Marcus; Manz, Andreas
2015Poly(ethylene oxide)-based block copolymers with very high molecular weights for biomimetic calcium phosphate mineralizationMai, Tobias; Boye, Susanne; Yuan, Jiayin; Völkel, Antje; Gräwert, Marlies; Günter, Christina; Lederer, Albena; Taubert, Andreas
2015Mechanistic insight of TiCl4catalyzed formal [3 + 3] cyclization of 1,3-bis(silyl enol ethers) with 1,3-dielectrophilesNisa, Riffat Un; Maria, Maria; Wasim, Fatima; Mahmood, Tariq; Ludwig, Ralf; Ayub, Khurshid
2015Room temperature synthesis of an amorphous MoS2 based composite stabilized by N-donor ligands and its light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen productionNiefind, Felix; Djamil, John; Bensch, Wolfgang; Srinivasan, Bikshandarkoil R.; Sinev, Ilya; Grünert, Wolfgang; Deng, Mao; Kienle, Lorenz; Lotnyk, Andriy; Mesch, Maria B.; Senker, Jürgen; Dura, Laura; Beweries, Torsten
2015Electrospinning of ultrafine metal oxide/carbon and metal carbide/carbon nanocomposite fibersAtchison, Jennifer S.; Zeiger, Marco; Tolosa, Aura; Funke, Lena M.; Jäckel, Nicolas; Presser, Volker
2015SPION@polydehydroalanine hybrid particlesvon der Lühe, Moritz; Günther, Ulrike; Weidner, Andreas; Gräfe, Christine; Clement, Joachim H.; Dutz, Silvio; Schacher, Felix H.
2015Photocatalytic degradation and toxicity evaluation of diclofenac by nanotubular titanium dioxide–PES membrane in a static and continuous setupFischer, K.; Kühnert, M.; Gläser, R.; Schulze, A.
2014Brønsted acid-catalyzed hydroarylation of activated olefinsFleischer, Ivana; Pospech, Jola
2015Magnetic anisotropy of endohedral lanthanide ions: paramagnetic NMR study of MSc2N@C80-Ih with M running through the whole 4f rowZhang, Y.; Krylov, D.; Rosenkranz, M.; Schiemenz, S.; Popov, A. A.
2014Entropy driven chain effects on ligation chemistryPahnke, Kai; Brandt, Josef; Gryn'ova, Ganna; Lindner, Peter; Schweins, Ralf; Schmidt, Friedrich Georg; Lederer, Albena; Coote, Michelle L.; Barner-Kowollik, Christopher
2014Probing the second dehydrogenation step in ammonia-borane dehydrocoupling: characterization and reactivity of the key intermediate, B-(cyclotriborazanyl)amine-boraneKalviri, Hassan A.; Gärtner, Felix; Ye, Gang; Korobkov, Ilia; Baker, R. Tom
2016Highly active and selective photochemical reduction of CO2 to CO using molecular-defined cyclopentadienone iron complexesRosas-Hernández, Alonso; Alsabeh, Pamela G.; Barsch, Enrico; Junge, Hernrik; Ludwig, Ralf; Beller, Matthias
2015A neutral low-coordinate heterocyclic bismuth-tin speciesHering-Junghans, C.; Schulz, A.; Villinger, A.
2015Enantio- and diastereoselective synthesis of γ-amino alcoholsVerkade, Jorge M. M.; Quaedflieg, Peter J. L. M.; Verzijl, Gerard K. M.; Lefort, Laurent; van Delft, Floris L.; de Vries, Johannes G.; Rutjes, Floris P. J. T.
2015Accessing heavy allyl-analogous [(TerN)2E]− (E = Sb, Bi) ions and their reactivity towards ECl3Hinz, Alexander; Schulz, Axel; Villinger, Alexander
2015Nickel cobalt oxide hollow nanosponges as advanced electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reactionZhu, Chengzhou; Wen, Dan; Leubner, Susanne; Oschatz, Martin; Liu, Wei; Holzschuh, Matthias; Simon, Frank; Kaskel, Stefan; Eychmüller, Alexander
2015Highly selective visible light-induced Ti–O bond splitting in an ansa-titanocene dihydroxido complexGodemann, Christian; Dura, Laura; Hollmann, Dirk; Grabow, Kathleen; Bentrup, Ursula; Jiao, Haijun; Schulz, Axel; Brückner, Angelika; Beweries, Torsten
2015Towards a methanol economy based on homogeneous catalysis: methanol to H2 and CO2 to methanolAlberico, E.; Nielsen, M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1161