Semantic annotation for 3D cultural artefacts: MVP


A suite of tools for semantic annotation of 3D cultural artefacts is being developed as part of the NFDI4Culture project across several partner organisations (led by the Open Science lab at TIB, Hannover). Operating within Task area 1: Data capture and enrichment, the proposed toolchain focuses on the annotation of 3D data within a knowledge graph environment, so that 3D objects’ geometry, attendant metadata, as well as annotations remain searchable, while data interconnections are not lost.

annotation, 3D models, semantic web, open source software, Wikibase, Kompakkt, NFDI4Culture, NFDI
Blümel, I., Rossenova, L., Sohmen, L., Vock, R., & Schubert, Z. (2021). Semantic annotation for 3D cultural artefacts: MVP. Zenodo.