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Title: Are Conference Posters Being Cited?
Authors: Haupka, NickSchröer, CäciliaHauschke, Christian
Publishers version:
Issue Date: 2021
Published in: Frontiers in research metrics and analytics 6 (2021)
Journal: Frontiers in research metrics and analytics
Volume: 6
Page Start: 766552
Publisher: Lausanne : Frontiers Media
Abstract: We present a small case study on citations of conference posters using poster collections from both Figshare and Zenodo. The study takes into account the years 2016-2020 according to the dates of publication on the platforms. Citation data was taken from DataCite, Crossref and Dimensions. Primarily, we want to know to what extent scientific posters are being cited and thereby which impact posters potentially have on the scholarly landscape and especially on academic publications. Our data-driven analysis reveals that posters are rarely cited. Citations could only be found for 1% of the posters in our dataset. A limitation in this study however is that the impact of academic posters was not measured empirical but rather descriptive.
Keywords: academic posters; citation analysis; citations; conferences; scholarly communication
Type: article; Text
Publishing status: publishedVersion
DDC: 020
License: CC BY 4.0 Unported
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Haupka, Nick, Cäcilia Schröer and Christian Hauschke, 2021. Are Conference Posters Being Cited? 2021. Lausanne : Frontiers Media
Haupka, N., Schröer, C. and Hauschke, C. (2021) “Are Conference Posters Being Cited?” Lausanne : Frontiers Media. doi:
Haupka N, Schröer C, Hauschke C. Are Conference Posters Being Cited? Vol. 6. Lausanne : Frontiers Media; 2021.
Haupka, N., Schröer, C., & Hauschke, C. (2021). Are Conference Posters Being Cited? (Version publishedVersion, Vol. 6). Version publishedVersion, Vol. 6. Lausanne : Frontiers Media.
Haupka N, Schröer C, Hauschke C. Are Conference Posters Being Cited? 2021;6. doi:

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