ATMODAT Standard v3.0


Within the AtMoDat project (Atmospheric Model Data), a standard has been developed which is meant for improving the FAIRness of atmospheric model data published in repositories. The ATMODAT standard includes concrete recommendations related to the maturity, publication and enhanced FAIRness of atmospheric model data. The suggestions include requirements for rich metadata with controlled vocabularies, structured landing pages, file formats (netCDF) and the structure within files. Human- and machine readable landing pages are a core element of this standard, and should hold and present discipline-specific metadata on simulation and variable level. This standard is an updated and translated version of "Bericht über initialen Kernstandard und Kurationskriterien des AtMoDat Projektes (v2.4)

AtMoDat, Metadata
Gasnke, A., Kraft, A., Kaiser, A., Heydebreck, D., Lammert, A., Höck, H., et al. (2020). ATMODAT Standard v3.0. Hamburg : DKRZ.
CC BY 4.0 Unported