EVENTSKG: A 5-Star Dataset of Top-Ranked Events in Eight Computer Science Communities

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Berlin ; Heidelberg : Springer

Metadata of scientific events has become increasingly available on the Web, albeit often as raw data in various formats, disregarding its semantics and interlinking relations. This leads to restricting the usability of this data for, e.g., subsequent analyses and reasoning. Therefore, there is a pressing need to represent this data in a semantic representation, i.e., Linked Data. We present the new release of the EVENTSKG dataset, comprising comprehensive semantic descriptions of scientific events of eight computer science communities. Currently, EVENTSKG is a 5-star dataset containing metadata of 73 top-ranked event series (almost 2,000 events) established over the last five decades. The new release is a Linked Open Dataset adhering to an updated version of the Scientific Events Ontology, a reference ontology for event metadata representation, leading to richer and cleaner data. To facilitate the maintenance of EVENTSKG and to ensure its sustainability, EVENTSKG is coupled with a Java API that enables users to add/update events metadata without going into the details of the representation of the dataset. We shed light on events characteristics by analyzing EVENTSKG data, which provides a flexible means for customization in order to better understand the characteristics of renowned CS events.

5-star dataset, EVENTSKG, Linked open data, Metadata analysis, Scholarly data, Scientific events ontology, Konferenzschrift
Fathalla, S., Lange, C., & Auer, S. (2019). EVENTSKG: A 5-Star Dataset of Top-Ranked Events in Eight Computer Science Communities (P. Hitzler, M. Fernández, K. Janowicz, A. Zaveri, A. J. G. Gray, V. Lopez, et al., eds.). Berlin ; Heidelberg : Springer.
CC BY 4.0 Unported