Demonstration of a customizable knowledge graph visualization framework

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Aachen, Germany : RWTH Aachen

In the context of the Semantic Web, various visualization methods and tools exist. However, suitable visualizations are highly de-pendent on individual use cases and targeted user groups. Therefore, existing solutions require modifications and adjustments to meet the de-mands of other use cases and user groups. In this demo, we present an approach for a unified framework addressing customizable visual rep-resentations of knowledge graphs. Our approach refines the commonly used steps in the visualization generation process (i.e., data access, map-ping to visual primitives, and rendering) for Semantic Web contexts. Separation of concerns for individual steps and a modular and customiz-able architecture build the foundation for a pipeline-based visualization framework. The framework enables the creation and selection of the right components for the right tasks, realizing a variety of use cases and visual representations in Semantic Web contexts.

Ontology visualization, knowledge graph visualization, customization, visual representation, visualization pipeline framework, Konferenzschrift
Wiens, V., & Lohmann, S. (2020). Demonstration of a customizable knowledge graph visualization framework (K. Taylor, R. Gonçalves, F. Lecue, & J. Yan, eds.). Aachen, Germany : RWTH Aachen.