Origin of a-plane (Al,Ga)N formation on patterned c-plane AIN/sapphire templates


a-plane (Al,Ga)N layers can be grown on patterned c-plane AlN/sapphire templates with a ridge direction along [1bar 100]Al2O3. Scanning nanobeam diffraction reveals that the formation of a-plane layers can be explained by nucleation of c-plane (Al,Ga)N with 11bar 20N

[0001]Al2O3 at the ridge sidewalls. Faster growth of the top (11bar 20)(Al,Ga)N facet in the vertical direction leads to the overgrowth of c-plane (Al,Ga)N nucleated on the horizontal ridge and trench surfaces. Phase separation into binary GaN and AlN takes place during the first growth stages. However, this fades out and does not influence the composition of the final thick a-plane (Al,Ga)N layer.

A-plane, AlN, Growth stages, N layers, Nanobeam diffraction, Vertical direction
Mogilatenko, A., Kirmse, H., Hagedorn, S., Richter, E., Zeimer, U., Weyers, M., & Tränkle, G. (2013). Origin of a-plane (Al,Ga)N formation on patterned c-plane AIN/sapphire templates. 471. https://doi.org//10.1088/1742-6596/471/1/012038
CC BY 3.0 Unported