In situ measurements with CPC micro-actuators using SEM


Comparative measurements of carbon-polymer composite micro-actuators based on room temperature ionic liquid electrolyte were carried out in situ (1) in vacuum using a state-of-the-art scanning electron microscope, (2) in an oxygen-free atmosphere under ambient pressure, and (3) under ambient environment. The fabricated micro-actuators sustained their actuation performance in all three environments, revealing important implications regarding their humidity-dependence. SEM observations demonstrate high stroke actuation of a device with submillimeter length, which is the typical size range of actuators desirable for medical or lab-on-chip applications.

Electroactive polymers, EAP, carbon-polymer composite, CPC, carbide derived carbon, CDC, actuator, artificial muscle, smart material
Kaasik, F., Must, I., Lust, E., Jürgens, M., Presser, V., Punning, A., et al. (2014). In situ measurements with CPC micro-actuators using SEM (Version publishedVersion, Vol. 9056). Version publishedVersion, Vol. 9056. Bellingham : SPIE.