The quest for research information

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Amsterdam : Elsevier

Research information, i.e., data about research projects, organisations, researchers or research outputs such as publications or patents, is spread across the web, usually residing in institutional and personal web pages or in semi-open databases and information systems. While there exists a wealth of unstructured information, structured data is limited and often exposed following proprietary or less-established schemas and interfaces. Therefore, a holistic and consistent view on research information across organisational and national boundaries is not feasible. On the other hand, web crawling and information extraction techniques have matured throughout the last decade, allowing for automated approaches of harvesting, extracting and consolidating research information into a more coherent knowledge graph. In this work, we give an overview of the current state of the art in research information sharing on the web and present initial ideas towards a more holistic approach for boot-strapping research information from available web sources.

Research information, linked data, web crawling, information extraction
Blümel, I., Dietze, S., Heller, L., Jäschke, R., & Mehlberg, M. (2014). The quest for research information (Version publishedVersion, Vol. 33). Version publishedVersion, Vol. 33. Amsterdam : Elsevier.