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Title: 1-Butyl-3-methyl­imidazolium tri­bromido­(tri­phenyl­phosphane-κP)nickelate(II) butan-1-ol hemisolvate
Authors: Peppel, T.Köckerling, M.
Publishers version:
Issue Date: 2021
Published in: IUCrData 6 (2021)
Journal: IUCrData
Volume: 6
Page Start: x210818
Publisher: Chester : IUCr
Abstract: The solvated title salt, (C8H15N2)[NiBr3(P(C6H5)3)]·0.5C4H10O, was obtained in the form of single crystals directly from the reaction mixture. The mol­ecular structure consists of separated 1-butyl-3-methyl­imidazolium cations, tri­bromido­(tri­phenyl­phosphane)nickelate(II) anions and half a solvent mol­ecule of 1-butanol, all connected via multiple hydrogen contacts to form a three-dimensional network. The co-crystallized 1-butanol mol­ecule is disordered and adopts two orientations. The central C—C bonds of both orientations are located on an inversion centre (Wyckoff site 2b of space group P21/n). Thereby, each orientation has again two orientations with the OH group being located either on one or the other side of the C4 alkyl chain. The dried solvent-free compound exhibits a relatively low melting point (m.p. = 412 K).
Keywords: crystal structure; nickel; coordination compound; ionic liquid
Type: article; Text
Publishing status: publishedVersion
DDC: 530
License: CC BY 4.0 Unported
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Peppel, T. and M. Köckerling, 2021. 1-Butyl-3-methyl­imidazolium tri­bromido­(tri­phenyl­phosphane-κP)nickelate(II) butan-1-ol hemisolvate. 2021. Chester : IUCr
Peppel, T. and Köckerling, M. (2021) “1-Butyl-3-methyl­imidazolium tri­bromido­(tri­phenyl­phosphane-κP)nickelate(II) butan-1-ol hemisolvate.” Chester : IUCr. doi:
Peppel T, Köckerling M. 1-Butyl-3-methyl­imidazolium tri­bromido­(tri­phenyl­phosphane-κP)nickelate(II) butan-1-ol hemisolvate. Vol. 6. Chester : IUCr; 2021.
Peppel, T., & Köckerling, M. (2021). 1-Butyl-3-methyl­imidazolium tri­bromido­(tri­phenyl­phosphane-κP)nickelate(II) butan-1-ol hemisolvate (Version publishedVersion, Vol. 6). Version publishedVersion, Vol. 6. Chester : IUCr.
Peppel T, Köckerling M. 1-Butyl-3-methyl­imidazolium tri­bromido­(tri­phenyl­phosphane-κP)nickelate(II) butan-1-ol hemisolvate. 2021;6. doi:

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