X-ray nanodiffraction on a single SiGe quantum dot inside a functioning field-effect transistor


For advanced electronic, optoelectronic, or mechanical nanoscale devices a detailed understanding of their structural properties and in particular the strain state within their active region is of utmost importance. We demonstrate that X-ray nanodiffraction represents an excellent tool to investigate the internal structure of such devices in a nondestructive way by using a focused synchotron X-ray beam with a diameter of 400 nm. We show results on the strain fields in and around a single SiGe island, which serves as stressor for the Si-channel in a fully functioning Si-metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor.

finite element simulations, ordered island growth, semiconductor nanostructures, silicon germanium, structural investigations, X-ray nanodiffraction, Finite element simulations, Ordered islands, Semiconductor nanostructures, silicon germanium, Structural investigation, X-ray nanodiffraction, Field effect transistors, Germanium, Mechanical properties, Quantum theory, Semiconducting silicon, Semiconducting silicon compounds, Silicon alloys, X rays, Transistors, germanium, quantum dot, silicon, article, chemistry, nanotechnology, particle size, semiconductor, surface property, X ray, Germanium, Nanotechnology, Particle Size, Quantum Dots, Semiconductors, Silicon, Surface Properties, Transistors, Electronic, X-Rays
Hrauda, N., Zhang, J., Wintersberger, E., Etzelstorfer, T., Mandl, B., Stangl, J., et al. (2011). X-ray nanodiffraction on a single SiGe quantum dot inside a functioning field-effect transistor. 11(7). https://doi.org//10.1021/nl2013289
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