B!SON: A Tool for Open Access Journal Recommendation


Finding a suitable open access journal to publish scientific work is a complex task: Researchers have to navigate a constantly growing number of journals, institutional agreements with publishers, funders’ conditions and the risk of Predatory Publishers. To help with these challenges, we introduce a web-based journal recommendation system called B!SON. It is developed based on a systematic requirements analysis, built on open data, gives publisher-independent recommendations and works across domains. It suggests open access journals based on title, abstract and references provided by the user. The recommendation quality has been evaluated using a large test set of 10,000 articles. Development by two German scientific libraries ensures the longevity of the project.

Open access, Paper submission, Publishing, Recommendation system, Konferenzschrift
Entrup, E., Eppelin, A., Ewerth, R., Hartwig, J., Tullney, M., Wohlgemuth, M., & Hoppe, A. (2022). B!SON: A Tool for Open Access Journal Recommendation (R. Nugent, ed.). Heidelberg : Springer. https://doi.org//10.1007/978-3-031-16802-4_33