Enhanced pore space analysis by use of μ-CT, MIP, NMR, and SIP

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Göttingen : Copernicus Publ.
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We investigate the pore space of rock samples with respect to different petrophysical parameters using various methods, which provide data on pore size distributions, including micro computed tomography (μ-CT), mercury intrusion porosimetry (MIP), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), and spectral-induced polarization (SIP). The resulting cumulative distributions of pore volume as a function of pore size are compared. Considering that the methods differ with regard to their limits of resolution, a multiple-length-scale characterization of the pore space is proposed, that is based on a combination of the results from all of these methods. The approach is demonstrated using samples of Bentheimer and Röttbacher sandstone. Additionally, we compare the potential of SIP to provide a pore size distribution with other commonly used methods (MIP, NMR). The limits of resolution of SIP depend on the usable frequency range (between 0.002 and 100 Hz). The methods with similar resolution show a similar behavior of the cumulative pore volume distribution in the overlapping pore size range. We assume that μ-CT and NMR provide the pore body size while MIP and SIP characterize the pore throat size. Our study shows that a good agreement between the pore radius distributions can only be achieved if the curves are adjusted considering the resolution and pore volume in the relevant range of pore radii. The MIP curve with the widest range in resolution should be used as reference.

Computerized tomography, Nuclear magnetic resonance, Size distribution, Cumulative distribution, Mercury intrusion porosimetry, Microcomputed tomography, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Petrophysical parameters, Pore radius distribution, Pore volume distribution, Spectral induced polarization, Pore size, geophysical survey, nuclear magnetic resonance, pore space, sandstone, size distribution, tomography
Zhang, Z., Kruschwitz, S., Weller, A., & Halisch, M. (2018). Enhanced pore space analysis by use of μ-CT, MIP, NMR, and SIP. 9(6). https://doi.org//10.5194/se-9-1225-2018
CC BY 4.0 Unported